Branding Business

invest wisely




When it comes to investing in your business; there is one portion that is so important that it should get the largest investment you make. That one thing is branding.  


Using our services we can turn your passion into profit. The majority of your investment should be made to branding and here is why and how…  


When starting a company the number one thing without a shadow of a doubt that you should be daily focused on is your brand. Your brand will determine your ability to make money. It’s something you need to think about when you put together your business. Not gear, not your skillset, not your price, your brand is the most crucial thing.

People buy from brands, people trust brands, people decide whether or not they’re going to do business based on your brand. To put this into perspective, let’s say you meet a guy outside of the airport with a nice Mercedes and he offers you a lift for £20. Just hearing the offer would probably creep you out and sent you running. However, if you went on the Uber app and it brought that same guy to you, you would get into that car without a second thought.  This is how important a brand is.

A brand is simply your image to clients. Their ability to trust you and do business with you is based on that image. You need to work on developing this image from day one. Brands can be built in several ways: testimonials, written or video, great reviews and anything that shows the value of your business will help build your brand.

Advertising for your brand can also be done in many ways like logos printed on clothing, accessories, having your car wrapped etc. What is also key that some people don’t realise is that just having a website is not enough. The quality of content leaves a lasting impression. The quality of your demos reels, your videos and your photos all need to be better than great. You can not let’s say have a photography business and have poor pictures on your website. 


The model of your brand needs to be uniform across your business. For example, If you’ve got great voiceovers on the videos on your demo reel, you also should have someone with a great voice answer the calls for your company. If your videos are lively, upbeat and you show that you love what you do, when the project, job or sale starts the person handling the client needs to be up and chipper as well. It’s all about developing a culture, you want to make sure that your brand is what it’s supposed to be. It’s upfront and caters for your niche and your target audience. This makes people feel comfortable about doing business with you.