Email Marketing

Email Marketing
The most effective digital marketing technique.
Email Marketing
The most effective digital marketing technique.

Promote your product or sell a service by connecting with the audience through an email marketing campaign. It is foremost the most effective digital marketing technique. Research tells us that there are 4.3 billion email users worldwide. Email marketing is one of the main steps in setting you up with a foundation for success.


It is vital to divide your email list into small segments based on a strategic set of criteria that you have determined. Sectors such as purchase history, location and website activity can work best.

 Segmentation allows for you to send the right message to the right person at the right time. Focusing on the context of your message means just as much as the content you deliver. Research shows that 77% of email marketing came from segmented, targeted and triggered campaigns.


Personalisation is now expected from most customers when purchasing from modern companies. When email marketing, personalisation is vital in creating a sense of relevance and intimacy with the buyer. Creating an individual experience for each customer encourages them to purchase from your company.

A well known example of this would be the famous Spotify. Depending on your most listened to artists, playlists are individually made for you. This makes listening to music more of an enjoyable experience for the customer, therefore motivating them to use the platform more.

Data Driven Analysis

Today’s world is always changing and moving forward and that means that your customers will also be. Data driven analysis allows for you to evolve with them and not be left behind. By continually analysing your emails, you’ll be able to provide your customer with what they need as they change their lifestyle. 

in order to do this you need to follow 3 main steps. First you need to track the metrics that matter, which vary for every business. Then you’ll ned to understand what these metrics indicate about the success of your emails. Record what is improving versus what is slowing down. Lastly, apply what you’ve learned to each and every email to optimise your results.