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Understand Your Customers
Google Analytics
Understand Your Customers

We can help you better understand your customers and provide you cost-effective solutions to reach your business goals. Considering that Google relies on more than 200 factors to observe the ranking of any website in search results, it can be extremely difficult for your site to be found. This means that your website requires a significant number of experts to be successful in SEO. There are many factors that need to be taken into account when boosting your site on google search.

Quality Backlinks

Backlinks form the basis of PageRank, which is the foundation of Google’s ranking algorithm. The two most important factors that contribute to a backlink’s ability to push a page higher in the search engine are relevance and authority. Sites which are more pertinent to the search are more likely to appear higher to meet the needs of the consumer.

To get more organic traffic, there are many ways (such as guest articles, internal links and promoted content) to build new backlinks for your website.  



Freshness refers to how high-demand the topic you’re discussing is. People tend to want information on current news, not something that happened years ago. If you search for a specific item (for example headphones) you’ll find that some of the highest ranking links will contain the current year in the title. People do not want to know about the best headphones from 2013, but from 2021. 


Search Intent

Search intent represents the reason behind a searcher’s query. For example if you search for chicken soup most would want to find a recipe ; or if you search for best laptops you’d expect a list with a variety of different brands.

Search intent can be determined by looking at content type – are the top posts mainly blogs or product pages? Page format must also be considered when finding the most common pages. Are the sites mainly lists or how-tos?