Our Service Product Development

We provide services to help our clients develop products from the initial ideas to the maintenance and support after the product has been bought to the market. 


We have excellent working relationships with all our clients and guarantee your product rights, marketing and distribution.


To create a new sustainable product that can survive multiple market changes and bring tangible value to end clients.

What is right?

The right product doesn’t follow the trends blindly but rather leverages them while still meeting essential customer needs.


What do you usually do to generate an idea? do you meditate or keep a journal. We use tried and proven methods coming up with creative concepts and validating them. Methods like SCAMPER (Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put, Eliminate, Reverse), mind mapping etc. We take whatever exists and build a better product.

The purpose of idea screening is to cut off the concepts that don’t align with user needs, market trends or company values. This is a crucial stage in determining product success. We don’t move on to the next phases until we are sure that your idea is viable and well-thought-out.

This is where we would describe and demonstrate the product to potential customers. We test for on the pricing (how much is a user willing to pay for the product?), usability (is the product easy to use and understand?), convenience (does the product appeal with its simplicity?) and quality ( does the functionality meet users expectations?)

Before we start building the product we already have in mind the expected price of the ready product, expected sales amount and the potential lifespan of the product. When the business objectives and limitations are clear, it’s time to start technical execution we have qualified designers, project managers and hire outsourcing specialists if necessary to create and develop the product.

Quality assurance specialists and testers join the project early on, set standards of code quality and track mistakes. We have them on the team early on, which ensures that they also share responsibility for the quality of the product leading to an exceedingly better result.

The product is then tested by in house staff and small focus groups. We collect feedback and improve the product if any changes are necessary. The commercial release occurs after we check user readiness, pricing and timing. We promote brand awareness across all social media platforms and offer promotional activities.

The product is then bought to market. Product development, however, is an ongoing process that requires constant monitoring, research, improvement and creativity. We listen to our users, follow market trends, collect feedback and react. We adapt and make improvements to the future releases of the product continuously. This is more of a marathon than a sprint.

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